420 Cloud In The Garden #EndTheShame:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 09.42.10

420 Cloud In The Garden #EndTheShame: Hosted by Dublin Cannabis Club

Dublin cannabis club are hosting the Dublin march and this year we want to do a few things differently.

We want all the cannabis clubs in Ireland to be represented at this event and we ask all the administration off the clubs to join us on the day. If you can not travel send us your logo and we will represent you on the day.

We have the garden of remembrance boxed off for a lot of the day and we can use the space to entertain from 3-6pm. We will wait till 6pm to allow working people to join us and from 3-4:20 we will have music, game’s and poster making. There will be a few stalls set up for Cannabis related businesses to share information and products with the public.
Their will be 2 speakers from 4pm this will build up to the crowd making a #cloudinthegarden at 4:20 pm.

After which games and music will continue till 5:50 and we move at 6pm down O’Connell st across the Liffey to Kildare street. ETA at Leinster house 6:50, then we have at least 3 more speakers and a possible open mic for any crowd member to give their brief story.

We have the idea for a best dressed competition and will give away a prize at the end of the event.

We will have flyers printed and can send them to any club who wants to promote the event in their local area. In Dublin we plan to be out on the street handing out flyers to the public every weekend in April.


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