Invite to Irish Cannabis Club Union meeting

Invite to Irish Cannabis Club Union meeting

Hi Everyone, My name is Thomas O Connor.

Kerry Cannabis Club

I would like to invite you represent your cannabis club and join us on Sat 16th for an 1 hour meeting . 5-6pm . Location central Dublin.

Representatives from many clubs will be in Dublin to attend the  Medicinal Cannabis Protest at the Garden of remembrance.  We believe it would be a good opportunity for clubs to meet to discuss how to grow the Irish Cannabis Union and Cannabis Clubs movement  in Ireland.

If you are interested you can email me at freemyweed2013@gmail to confirm your attendance.

Just send me your Name , phone no and Cannabis Club you are involved in or would like to set up.

I will get back to ye to confirm that I have a few interested and with the location.

Objectives of meeting : To discuss the establish of a legal entity:

Who can apply for a licence for the personal cultivation of cannabis by Cannabis Club members.

Who can respond to government proposals on cannabis on behalf of its Cannabis Club members.

Who can coordinate with the UK Cannabis Clubs UKCSC to ensure we find an all Ireland solution.

What we need to do. To become a legal company / Co-op

We need to fill basic company positions.

We need to have members of the union (Clubs from different counties) and supporters who are behnd the cause but not directly involved in any club.

We need to raise funds to pay for legal establishment and pay a part time sectary.

Establish what Clubs need to do to be involved.