The Irish Cannabis Movement Continues

The HPRA report on medical cannabis has finally been released and it is very disappointing to say the least. While we appreciate this is a step in the right direction for Ireland, it is only a baby step and nowhere near enough.

“ The HPRA advises that cannabis should only be made available for the treatment of patients with specified medical conditions which have failed to respond to all other previous treatments, and where there is at least modest evidence that cannabis may be effective. Such patients should be under the direct supervision of an appropriately trained and experienced medical consultant. The specified medical conditions (medical indications) are:

1. Spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis resistant to all standard therapies and interventions whilst under expert medical supervision;
2. Intractable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, despite the use of standard anti-emetic regimes whilst under expert medical supervision;
3. Severe, refractory (treatment-resistant) epilepsy that has failed to respond to standard anti-convulsant medications whilst under expert medical supervision”.

The government have now announced that you may be able to have access to medical cannabis, BUT only after you are pumped full of pharmaceutical drugs first and only if you fit into their criteria. The government will decide if you are sick enough to try this safe, effective medicine. Thousands of people in Ireland die every year from prescription medication while cannabis has been used safely for thousands of years. Ever since mankind has known cannabis not one single death or overdose has been recorded. Why is this fact being ignored?

Our hearts go out to the people that already know cannabis works and are having success illegally healing themselves. They will remain “criminals” because those we are supposed to rely on for our health and welfare haven’t done their jobs properly. Medical cannabis has not been legalised in Ireland. Patients will still be punished for using cannabis and they still face the worry of their homes being raided by authorities. They will still have to face court, convictions, fines and punishments just because of their health and lifestyle choices.

Countries that have legalised cannabis have seen a drop in prescription drug deaths, suicide rates have dropped and they have generated billions in tax. Youth usage has not increased and crime rates have also fallen. Treating cannabis users like criminals creates more problems for the individual and their families.

If you feel cannabis will or already does improve your quality of life then It is your fundamental human right to have safe access. It is down to the adult or patient to use cannabis responsibly. Talk to your doctor. Education is key for the cannabis movement.

Irish Cannabis Clubs

Below are details of the Irish cannabis clubs in our Union. We are an open source for ideas and cooperation so get in touch if you have a club or want to set up a new one. Cannabis prohibition must be fought by the whole island. If your county isn’t represented yet, it is up to you to be the change you want to see in our society.

The Donegal Cannabis Social Club is run by Candice. You can get involved with this club by Clicking here.


Legenderry Cannabis Club is run by Tony. You can get involved by clicking here.


Monaghan Cannabis Social Club is run by Danielle and Matty. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.

tyrone club logoThe Tyrone cannabis club is run by Robby. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.

louth club logoLouth Cannabis Social Club is run by Rachel. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.

meath club logo

Meath Cannabis Social Club is run by Rachel. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.

12311221_531180347042784_8352037121360347221_nDublin Cannabis Club is run by Mark. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.


Kerry Cannabis Social Club is run by Thomas. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.


Wexford Cannabis Social Club is run by Stephen. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.


Limerick Cannabis Social Club is run by Nick and Chris. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.



Cavan Cannabis Social Club is run by Emmet. You can get involved with this club by clicking here.

These clubs believe in safe access to cannabis for adults and patients. Health is our human right, and all credible science on the plant points to the medicinal benefits of responsible cannabis use. This movement is for everyone, so get involved and help us shape a healthier, fairer society!!!

The Irish Cannabis Club Union

We are the cannabis club union of Ireland. We have formed to lend a voice for responsible cannabis use on our island. Our aim is to advise and help people form local cannabis clubs and to set standards for the growing and running of these independent clubs. Cannabis legalization will become a reality and we want to help organize the transition from criminal to community cooperation. This organization has been established by founding cannabis club members. Criminalizing a plant that is healthy for the human body is insane and we reject the legitimacy of any such laws.

We are here to educate the public on the health benefits of cannabis. We are passionate about this plant and have first hand knowledge about its healing properties. Unfortunately Ireland’s largest export is pharmaceutical drugs. The industry has a 26% share of our exports and that means the industry has an unfair influence on our people. Each day that continues cannabis prohibition is another day of greedy profits only for these corporations. Cannabis can replace up to 40% of pharmaceutical drugs. Proof of the danger posed to the pharmaceutical industry is found in Colorado. Since 2014, prescription drug use has dropped by 25%. This is a real slap in the face to the largest industry on the planet.

We want to promote local Irish cannabis clubs to grow the best quality cannabis in a safe, controlled environment. We want to work with the authorities to take the criminals out of this human-plant relationship and we encourage all members of society to join in the conversation.

Cannabis clubs have successfully formed in four European countries. These clubs don’t sell to children and their license would be immediately revoked if they did. Criminal gangs don’t care about licenses and will sell to anyone. Do we really need to spell it out for our government? Cannabis prohibition is the most harmful part of cannabis. The plant is still widely available and will continue to be available to minors until it is regulated.

Together we can create a happier, healthier tomorrow.

Contact any of our clubs through the links provided in the club listings or email for information on how to form a club in you area.